Gaza war: Israel receives list: more hostages to be released

Gaza war
Israel receives list: More hostages to be released

Thai migrant workers board a bus after leaving the hospital. They were released after more than 50 days in Hamas captivity. photo

© Ilia Yefimovich/dpa

Breathe a sigh of relief in the Gaza war: The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas continues. Negotiations continued until the last minute.

Shortly before the end of the ceasefire in the Gaza war, Israel received a list with the names of additional hostages who could be released this Thursday. A list of women and children had been handed over in accordance with the agreement, so the ceasefire would continue, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said. Qatar, which is mediating in the conflict, and the Islamist Hamas confirmed the extension of the break. It applies to Thursday.

The negotiators had negotiated until the last minute. The war cabinet had unanimously decided the evening before that fighting would resume immediately unless a list was presented by 7 a.m. Thursday morning, as agreed, the Israeli prime minister’s office said. It was said that the list of women and children was received in the morning.

The ceasefire has been in effect since 6:00 a.m. CET last Friday. Since then, the Islamist Hamas has exchanged around 100 hostages kidnapped to the Gaza Strip for Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons. There are also 14 Germans among the released hostages.

The break in fighting was recently extended by two days. According to the original agreement, the break should be able to be extended to a maximum of ten days.


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