Gas prices, tire info, training… Everything that changes on May 1st

The price of gas increases in May 2021. – Steve buissinne

Energy, cars, jobs… The traditional changes at the start of the month are something for everyone on May 1st.

A slight increase for gas

The regulated gas prices applied by Engie increase by 1.1% from this Saturday. This is the consequence of the rise in world prices, following in particular the blockage of the Suez Canal at the end of March. This tax-free increase is “0.3% for customers who use gas for cooking, 0.7% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 1.2% for households which are heated with gas, ”detailed the Energy Regulatory Commission.

More tire info

Like household appliances, tires for cars and trucks now display clearer information: fuel consumption efficiency, wet grip, snow and ice, noise caused by rolling … The motorist will have access to a technical sheet via a QR code.

In the longer term, European regulations will oblige manufacturers to submit information on durability or resistance to abrasion, which releases polluting particles.

Better for some interns

The remuneration of vocational training trainees will increase, with differences according to age groups. For 16-18 year olds, it will drop from 130 euros to 200 euros per month. For trainees aged 18 to 25, it will drop to 500 euros (against 310 or 400 euros previously). Beyond 25 years, the remuneration will reach 685 euros.

The scale had not been changed since 2002.

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