Garching – fence to protect bird breeding area against littering – district of Munich

For a long time, the view of the green belt between Dieselstrasse and Mallertshofener Strasse in the Garching-Hochbrück industrial park was not a pretty one: empty bottles and rubbish bags accumulated between the bushes, and the green belt was sometimes misused as a toilet. Now a fence should help shield the bird breeding area, which actually enjoys special protection, and protect it from littering.

The city of Garching is planning to erect a double-bar lattice fence on the west and north side of the area, and the municipality is investing around 60,000 euros in this. The area is mostly home to rooks. The birds, which are already on the red list of endangered species in some European countries, are to be protected. At the same time, the city hopes to contain another problem in this way: Mallertshofener Strasse is a popular – albeit illegal – parking space for long-distance drivers. Trucks of international subcontractors of the freight forwarders based in the commercial area are regularly parked there, and they are not deterred by the absolute stopping ban that has been in place for a number of years.

Residents of Hochbrück have long complained that some of the drivers spend the night in their trucks and dispose of their rubbish in the bird breeding area. Whether the fence can change anything about the situation remains to be seen. The State Association of Bavarian Freight Forwarders sees the basic problem in a lack of parking spaces for trucks.

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