Gaming in the age of Web 3.0

There have been some changes regarding the gaming area. It used to be where players expand the worlds they can access through in-game achievements. where progress is determined by the time spent in the game. Increasing your stats is rewarded with rare items that can’t be unlocked any other way, and friends will come together in real life and online to show off their new unlockables. Gamerscore or equivalent is also used to monitor player gameplay fairly and equally. While paying it takes time, patience and enthusiasm.

But in the past few years The trend has also shifted from making realistic games that have grown. to unlock new worlds through skill alone. In the past, gaming was a space for anyone to be who they wanted, regardless of their background. But it’s not anymore And we find ourselves stuck in the age of pay-to-play, micro transactions, and loot boxes.

Gamers choose to spend time with the games they love. But their gaming experience is constantly ruined by ads, pop-ups, and videos. Although gamers can pay to experience what they should have been able to do in the first place. but they have no ownership of their property. Including what happens in the game stays in the game, what can be unlocked in the game and in-game purchases stay in the game and when the player moves to a new virtual world. Their previously invested time, skills and money will be lost.

This is not the way it should be.

Technology, including gaming, evolves at the speed of light. It was tiring enough just to keep up with all the developments. But maintaining the development is almost impossible. But change is coming and it’s very big

Web 2.0 technologies and platforms collect large amounts of user data for the same value. The problem is that users do not benefit from this value. They have to pay to progress in the games they love, while the platforms they use profit from monetization data on their behavior. Values ​​are retrieved from the creator rather than shared with them.

it’s about to change

Web 3.0 is here, and it will change everything from Blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT, and DAO. They come together to create a way of doing things, and in the context of the game, these technologies can change.

The era of pay-to-play gaming is over — and we’re entering a play-to-earn era where these revolutionary games are no longer in walled gardens. Instead, it created the real world, the metaverse, in which these games take players into a whole new universe. It empowers them with the purpose of exploring and adventuring in the gaming spaces of the past.

However, Web 3.0 game still has barriers to enter the game. which is hard to beat for some players Many of these games require NFT purchase to access in-game features. Some games cost a lot of money and created Gaming guilds as a new way for gamers to remove barriers to entry. Players can come together and take advantage of their combined income and advancement potential as part of a team. not just individual

But there are still challenges to overcome. The blockchain universe continues to expand, with new games across multiple chains, and tracking all these developments is difficult. Including tracking scores and achievements is almost impossible. So how do gamers know which games are really worth playing or which guilds are worth joining?

New technology is full of promise. But that promise doesn’t always come true. The gaming experience is often lackluster. And it can waste valuable time, even with popular games. Including tracking in-game achievements and cross-platform items is difficult. While seamlessly moving those items and achievements across different blockchains and metaverses is almost impossible.

GuildFi is reimagining how the metaverse will be connected. And in enabling gamers to take advantage of the value they create rather than trying to do it alone, GuildFi allows gamers to issue their own metaverse passport, linking the various identities they have. Available through multiple metaverses, all via a GuildFi ID (GFID), that will be the key to players in the GuildFi ecosystem and allow them access to the gaming center and different zones.

It can be difficult for new players to find their way into this excitement. Finding games that they really want to play and learning how the ROI of those games depends on how much time they spend playing them is difficult. That’s why GuildFi acts as a single place to start their journey, a gaming center that serves as the player’s launchpad in the metaverse, categorizing only the top games and metaverse experiences that game play offers. The best -to-earn, free-to-play , and play-and-earn games and organized for the best player experience.

When a player finds a guild and a game of their choice, a Proof-of-Play system. Will help deliver more value to players by Proof-of-Play. It turns the game into a play-to-earn platform, and even better, if the game is already play-to-earn, the GuildFi platform allows players to double their rewards.

above all Players also have access to 3 different zones, each with its own valuable properties.

First of all, you have a Guild Zone, where players will find GuildFi, Guild-as-a-service and Guild Network, GuildFi guilds offer unique scholarship programs and Guild Network that There is a curated list that players can use to find the right guild for them based on their playing style and scholarship rate, and players will then have access to the NFT zone with the Metadrop Launchpad, GuildFi NFT marketplace, and exciting features. more to come

And finally, the Tools Zone, where real players experience is upgraded with a suite of advanced analytics tracking tools covering multiple metaverses, as well as more traditional game tools such as forums, leaderboards, and simulators.

With a game-changing platform, GuildFi brings games back to what they used to be: a place of free expression and joy. Without financial barriers, and in doing so, GuildFi will become the largest Web 3.0 gaming community in the world. by making the game a powerful vehicle for economic freedom around the world.

About GuildFi

GuildFi is an ecosystem of games, NFTs, and a connected Web3 community. The goal is to maximize player interests and enable collaboration in the Metaverse. Begin your journey at GuildFi to search for games, select the desired guild, use gameplay tools, and increase your rewards based on your performance and participation in the various games in the Metaverse.

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