Gabriel Attal promises “a new method”

“There is no break”: 7 weeks before the legislative elections, Attal wants to “continue to act”

While the legislative elections will take place on June 12 and 19, Gabriel Attal ensures that the government remains at work.

“There is no break, we will continue to act. A large part of the French have in particular sought a form of stability”, assures the government spokesperson this morning on BFMTV.

“We want to go further, stronger”: Gabriel Attal promises a “new method”

The day after Emmanuel Macron’s victory, Gabriel Attal promises major changes.

“We want to go much further, much stronger. We want to invent a new method to involve the French more widely around major projects; health, education, building closer to the ground”, assures the spokesperson for the government this morning on BFMTV.

“He has to deflate his head”: Louis Aliot attacks Eric Zemmour

Eric Zemmour reinstated this Sunday evening his call for the “union of the rights” and still hopes for an agreement with the RN for the legislative elections. Without convincing among the supporters of Marine Le Pen.

“Eric Zemmour has been a man of the system all his life. I think he needs to deflate his head, which is huge, and stop insulting people. For a first, we can’t not say that he shone”, assures Louis Aliot, the mayor of Perpignan this morning on France inter.

“A missing equation”: Copé regrets the absence of immigration in Macron’s speech

Jean-François was not convinced by Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Sunday evening at the Champ-de-Mars after his victory.

“We found this speech a bit short. With 42% for the far right, we are not talking about immigration, security, secularism. We are told that all of this is ecology and the power of purchase. There is a huge missing equation”, judges the mayor LR of Meaux this morning on BFMTV.

“Perhaps a contribution to be made”: Estrosi would see himself as minister

Christian Estrosi makes an offer of service to Emmanuel Macron this morning.

“I may have a contribution to make”, assures the mayor of Nice this morning on BFMTV.

His name is circulating for a post of Secretary of State for local authorities.

“Not the question”: Elisabeth Borne kicks in touch on her possible appointment to Matignon

The name of Elisabeth Borne has been circulating in recent days to enter Matignon to replace Jean Castex.

“That’s not the question. What is important is that we implement Macron’s program and that we react very quickly to the expectations of the French”, answers the Minister of Labor, questioned on the subject this morning on RTL.

“It will have to be done”: Elisabeth Borne wants to maintain retirement at 65

Emmanuel Macron has been repeatedly questioned about the extension of the retirement age and promised to hear “the anxieties”.

“This reform is important, it will have to be done. (…) We are going to dialogue with the social partners, the employers, as we have continued to do”, judge for her part Elisabeth Borne this morning on RTL.

“Macron is aware of having to appease”: Borne promises another way of governing

Elisabeth Borne, whose name is circulating to obtain Matignon, judges that Emmanuel Macron is “aware of the need to gather, to appease”.

“We must respond to the French who voted for Le Pen”: Borne sends a message to RN voters

Elisabeth Borne, who would be considered by Emmanuel Macron for Matignon, analyzes the second round ballot.

“There is an abstention that no one can be satisfied with. In the coming weeks, we must respond to these French people, those who voted for Marine Le Pen and show them that we have a project around purchasing power, of ecology”, assures the Minister of Labor this morning on RTL.

“The wish for a female appointment to Matignon”: Clément Beaune reacts to the Borne hypothesis

After Emmanuel Macron’s victory, the new government should be known in the coming days.

“Emmanuel Macron of course wants a female appointment to Matignon. But we must not sum up the whole political situation in the post of Prime Minister”, assures Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs this morning. on BFMTV.

Elisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labour, is one of the names regularly cited.

“The voters of Mélenchon made the difference” in the second round, assures Bompard

Manuel Bompard takes stock of Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the second round (58.54%).

“French women and French people, it was difficult for them to use Emmanuel Macron’s ballot paper. It was Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s voters who made the difference”, assures Jean-Luc’s campaign manager. Mélenchon this morning on France inter.

“We finished third in the first round, we can finish first in the third round”, still judges the deputy who hopes that rebellious France can win the legislative elections next June.

Marine Le Pen should not become president of the RN again, assures Sébastien Chenu

Jordan Bardella is currently the party’s interim president. Marine Le Pen could not fail to take her place.

“I am not sure that it is Marine Le Pen’s wish to become president again. She is a huge politician. She has a very special status, she is not going to confine herself to a political party”, assures Sébastien Chenu this morning on BFMTV.

“No alliance”: Sébastien Chenu closes the door to any agreement with Eric Zemmour

While Eric Zemmour called on Sunday evening for the union of the “national bloc” to win the legislative elections, the RN refuses any gesture.

“We are not at all on the idea of ​​​​the union of the rights. We are for a great union of patriots. He made 7%, he should remember this, politics is school of humility”, judge Sébastien Chenu on BFMTV this morning.

“We may well have some agreements but we are not going to embark on alliances which are not our theory”, further advances this close friend of Marine Le Pen.

“It’s a choice that commits us”: Pannier-Runacher promises another “method”

Agnès Pannier-Runacher calls for a change of “method” for the coming five-year term.

“It’s a choice that commits us”, advances the Minister Delegate in charge of Industry, who judges that Emmanuel Macron “must hear the anger” and “appease the country” this morning on BFMTV.

“Quietly beat Macron”: Corbière believes in Mélenchon’s victory in the legislative elections

After the victory of Emmanuel Macron, rebellious France believes more than ever in a possible victory in the legislative elections on June 19.

“I suggest that we beat Emmanuel Macron quietly. All those who agree with the trunk of our program, we can come to an agreement. I’m not telling you that it’s done. If we’re still in dynamic, we can have another majority”, assures LFI deputy Alexis Corbière this morning on BFMTV.

If the rebellious have already opened negotiations with EELV, the PC and the NPA, they are for the moment very timid with the PS.

“The most poorly elected president”: Alexis Corbière describes Emmanuel Macron as “minority”

LFI MP Alexis Corbière takes a stern look at the re-election of Emmanuel Macron.

“He is the most poorly elected president. Only 38% of registered voters voted for him while many people voted to block Marine Le Pen. He is in the minority”, judges this morning the parliamentarian from Seine-Saint- Denis on BFMTV.

After the second round, Mélenchon, Le Pen and Zemmour turn to the legislative elections

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour kicked off the campaign for the legislative elections this Sunday, hoping to impose cohabitation in June on Emmanuel Macron, just re-elected this Sunday.

La France insoumise hopes to impose itself next June when negotiations have been launched with the PC, EELV and the NPA.

Eric Zemmour, meanwhile, wants joint applications with the RN. Without much success so far.

We summarize here how these political figures are organizing themselves.

Marine Le Pen at its highest, record abstention since 1969… What to remember from the second round

Emmanuel Macron secures a new five-year term at the Élysée. The outgoing head of state won the second round of the presidential election this Sunday evening, with 58.54% of the vote against 41.46% for his rival Marine Le Pen.

Among the main lessons of the evening: the highest RN score and abstention, which has never been so important since 1969.

We summarize here everything you need to remember from this election.

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