G20 health ministers in Rome: preventing pandemics – but how?

Status: 05.09.2021 09:44 a.m.

How do you react to pandemics in the future? That is what the G20 Health Ministers meeting in Rome should be about today and tomorrow. A health declaration is planned to serve as a basis for dealing with pandemics.

The health ministers of the G20 countries are in Rome for two days – today and tomorrow. Lots of time to talk about issues that are crucial during a pandemic: How can we better deal with the current crisis? How can science and research be strengthened? What needs to be done to avoid future pandemics as far as possible?

And how can a better preparation succeed – also from the point of view that the penetration of mankind into the habitat of wild animals makes it easier for pathogens to jump from animals to humans. In addition, the situation of people who work in the health sector should be taken into account. It will also discuss how scientific knowledge and access to vaccines can be better and more equitably distributed around the world.

Germany wants to give WHO more support

The aim is “a strong message of cooperation, solidarity and justice with the conviction that no one will be left behind,” say the hosts in Italy.

Germany’s most important concern at the summit: to strengthen and support the World Health Organization (WHO). Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn had emphasized this several times in the past few days.

It is one of the last G20 ministerial meetings of the year before the summit of heads of state and government on October 30th and 31st in Rome.

Before the main consultations, Italy’s Minister of Health Roberto Speranza had already received experts on Saturday for talks on mental health. “There is no health and well-being without being completely mentally healthy,” he said. “That became even more important in the difficult months of the pandemic.”

With information from Lisa Weiß, ARD-Studio Rome

G20 Health Ministers Meeting in Rome: Dealing with Pandemic

Lisa Weiß, ARD Rome, 5.9.2021 8:53 am

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