Fürstenfeldbruck: Old agricultural school demolished – Fürstenfeldbruck

The old agricultural school in Fürstenfeldbruck has recently been demolished. The dilapidated building on Bismarckstraße, in which farmers were once trained, is being replaced by containers for the neighboring Pestalozzi special needs school. This had also used parts of the house up to a water damage. Refugees were temporarily housed on the upper floor. With the demolition, a fresco by the painter Karl Sonner from Olching, who was accused of National Socialism, will also disappear. The costs for the demolition and the containers are estimated at around five million euros.

“No pain no gain.” There was a political discussion about the fresco by the Olchinger painter Karl Sonner from the 1950s, who was accused of National Socialism, whether it should be preserved. Now it’s gone with the demolition.

(Photo: Carmen Voxbrunner/Carmen Voxbrunner)

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