Funding program for charging infrastructure: “Anything but social”

As of: September 25, 2023 8:28 a.m

The Federal Association of Consumer Organizations criticizes the new state funding program for charging electric cars with solar power as anti-social. Applications can be submitted from tomorrow.

The new federal funding program for charging electric cars with solar power starts tomorrow. The Federal Association of Consumer Organizations is now criticizing the program as anti-social.

“Only owners of owner-occupied residential buildings will benefit from the new funding program – precisely those who tend to earn more and have already benefited from other subsidies, for example from the e-car purchase bonus,” said consumer advocate Gregor Kolbe to the dpa news agency. “The funding is anything but social.”

It is also critical that the focus is on single-family home owners and apartment owners with parking spaces cannot take advantage of the funding.

The industry praises

Industry representatives, however, praised the funding. Carsten Körnig, general manager of the Federal Solar Industry Association, said that the solar power system on the roof, a solar charging station in front of the front door and a solar power storage system in the basement formed a “dream team”. However, there is a need for improvement in the details of the funding. The association recommends that the required proof of the existence of an electric vehicle does not have to be provided when submitting the application.

A spokesman for the Association of the Automotive Industry said that in order for the transformation to climate-friendly mobility to be successful, appropriate funding programs are important, which primarily focus on the use of electric cars as mobile storage devices. However, the funding bonus for bidirectional charging devices is too low.

“Enormous interest”

There is up to 500 million euros in the funding pot. There is already enormous interest in the funding, said Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP). From Tuesday onwards it can be applied for online at the state development bank KfW. The “first come, first served” principle applies: When the funding pot is empty, the program ends.

The purchase and installation of a charging station for electric cars in combination with a photovoltaic system and a solar power storage system is funded. The investment grant can be up to 10,200 euros. Owners of owner-occupied residential buildings who own an electric car or who have ordered an electric car at the time of application are eligible.

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