Fröttmaning: Serious accident leaves behind a field of rubble and seriously injured people – Munich

Late on Friday afternoon, two people were seriously injured in a traffic accident not far from the Allianz Arena. As the Munich fire department reports, a 41-year-old’s Mercedes was driving out of town on Freisinger Landstrasse when a Hyundai SUV with a trailer full of wood came towards him. The two vehicles collided violently at the intersection with Wagrainweg. The trailer was separated from the car, logs flew around, the Hyundai was thrown into an adjacent field, and the Mercedes landed on a guardrail. A third driver in a small Kia was able to stop her car in time, but was hit on the windshield by flying pieces of wood and debris. She remained unhurt.

According to the fire department, a large contingent of rescue services and fire departments responded to the scene of the accident on the city limits. A rescue helicopter was also used.

The emergency services had to illuminate the scene of the accident well.

(Photo: Operations Management Service/Munich Professional Fire Department)

The emergency services found a field of rubble on site. The Mercedes driver and the 58-year-old driver of the Hyundai were able to be freed from their wreckage via the driver’s door without much technical effort. The 58-year-old was light, but his passenger and the man in the Mercedes were heavy. To gently rescue the passenger in the Hyundai, the fire department cut the body in two using hydraulic tools. Both seriously injured people were taken to the shock room of a Munich clinic. Both vehicles involved in the accident were totaled, the damage to the Kia cannot be quantified.

The section of the route was closed for several hours until the emergency services had cleared the Freisinger Landstrasse of the sea of ​​debris and spilled oil and gasoline.

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