From Lille to Sartrouville, Inès is building her dream as a journalist in “equal opportunities” preparation

A few months before the presidential election, what do the young people of our country think? What are their dreams, aspirations, fears? What does their daily life look like? What is their view of the campaign and the upcoming election? Who are the 15-25 year olds really? You have to meet them, question them, listen to them. Far from clichés, give voice to this generation too often described as sacrificed, irresponsible or disenchanted.

Preparation of competitions and questioning of society

the podcast Place for young people aims to highlight French youth in its diversity, through interviews with young people under 25. For this fifth episode, interview with Inès, 21 years old.

The young woman lives one hour from Paris, in Sartrouville, where she grew up in a priority neighborhood with her two sisters and her parents. In the first year of a master’s degree in “information and communication”, she has also just joined the “equal opportunities” preparatory class at the Lille Graduate School of Journalism. She assiduously prepares for competitions. With Inès, we will obviously talk about equal opportunities, but also a small student job and wearing the veil.

A direct, personal, uninhibited interview with the boys and girls who make up today’s France, led by Salomé Berlioux, founder and general manager of the association Chemins d’avenirs. It accompanies several thousand young people in the construction of their academic, professional and civic career. This podcast is broadcast in partnership with 20 minutes, West France and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation.

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