Fresh money and a new location for the Munich Book Show – Munich

Before Corona, the exhibition of Bavarian publishers had 160,000 visitors a year – in the Gasteig, which is now closed. The Free State is now spending more money to give her new perspectives and a new home.

This year, the Munich book show will receive an additional 60,000 euros in funding from the Free State and a new home: the 64th edition of the Bavarian publishers’ show is moving to the Haus der Kunst. “On significantly reduced terms,” ​​says Markus Blume, who, as Minister for the Arts and Sciences, also sits on the supervisory board of the Haus der Kunst. It is important “to create a long-term perspective for the publishers, to promote Bavaria as a traditional publishing location and to preserve its diversity”. The Free State is already involved with various publishing awards.

Background: It is not only the times that are demanding for everyone who still does their business with goods printed on paper, such as book publishers. The stock exchange association of the German book trade, which organizes the book show, also had to contend with an organizational issue: For decades, the book show was based in the Gasteig with its huge city library on Rosenheimer Straße. But as is well known, it has been closed for months, its future is uncertain, and its interim site did not appear to be an alternative to the representatives. An interim solution took place in 2022 in the Literaturhaus.

Now the book show, which attracted up to 160,000 visitors before the pandemic, is going to the Haus der Kunst – and thus back to its roots, so to speak. Because she was already a guest there for a longer period of time in the 1960s. The very first edition of the show for all those who were curious about the new publishing programs took place in 1960 in the Munich City Museum.

Public interest has always been very high over the years. For 18 days, fans not only browse through novels and other fiction to their heart’s content, but also through non-fiction and specialist books. The city of Munich is still on board as a cooperation partner of the Börsenverein.

But it will be exciting to see whether and how a possible collaboration with the team of the director of the Haus der Kunst develops. The Börsenverein and Andrea Lissoni have already started talks on this. The decision was not made until this Tuesday.

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