French women, the most dissatisfied in Europe?

In this new episode of “ Everything is explained », The sex meeting of our podcast Wait a minute !, we talk about the sexuality of European women in the context of Covid-19, deleterious for their mental well-being in general and their sexual activity in particular. Investigation European Observatory of Female Sexuality * carried out in March 2021 and published today by
Ifop for the company Poken Company, is particularly interested in sexual satisfaction.

According to this survey, it is in France that there are the most women dissatisfied with their sex life : 35%, more than in Germany (23%) or the United Kingdom (27%). The dissatisfaction of French women is approaching the level observed in Mediterranean countries such as Italy (30%).

Multiple crisis state

This study, carried out in March 2021, just before a new confinement, also reveals an increase in the sexual inactivity of European women: 37% had not had sex in a month (against 32% in 2016). And it is in France (41%, +10) and the United Kingdom (47%, +4) that there were the most sexually inactive women.

In this episode of “ Everything is explained “, François Kraus, director of the” Gender, sexualities and sexual health “expertise at Ifop, discusses this survey and the factors that may explain these figures. It details cyclical reasons (health crisis, confinements), structural (psychological health and state of crisis, work and stress, time in front of the screens, etc.) or even cultural elements (injunction to performance, aesthetic standards, alienating sexual practices ) which prove to be unfavorable to the personal development of French women.

All the figures and explanatory factors detailed by François Kraus, of Ifop, are to be listened to for free in this episode above.

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* Survey carried out on a representative sample of 5,025 women living in the five largest European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom)

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