Freeze food: You should not freeze these foods

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There is a good way to reduce food waste: freezing. Anything that has been bought in excess or that is left over after dinner can be preserved in this way and eaten later – mostly. But with some foods, caution is required, food waste or not.
Because not everything is suitable for freezing.
Be careful with foods containing gelatine. Example panna cotta. The popular spoonable Italian dessert simply liquefies when frozen. This is due to the gelatine, which loses its binding power in the process.
Most dairy products can be frozen easily. Exceptions are yoghurt and hard cheese.
Two other foods that don’t survive freezing, at least in taste, are raw potatoes and garlic. Both become mushy and lose their typical taste. Prepared potatoes and garlic can be stored in the freezer without any problems.
Fruit and vegetables containing water, such as berries, cucumbers or tomatoes, do not become inedible when they freeze, but they do become mushy after thawing. Then the fruit can still be used for smoothies or desserts or, for example, the spinach for cooking.
Wine in the freezer is not a good idea. It loses its taste, and sparkling wine also loses its carbon dioxide.
Boiled eggs should not be frozen. The egg white becomes gummy.
Curious: raw eggs can be frozen very well, but not in the shell, it would burst.

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