Frankfurt: Special commission investigates riots at Bundesliga game

Fans vs. police
Riots at Eintracht game: Special commission investigates more than 100 injuries in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Ultras in their fan block at the Bundesliga game Eintracht Frankfurt against VfB Stuttgart

© Arne Dedert / DPA

In Frankfurt, football fans attacked stewards and later also police officers. Numerous people were injured. How could it come to this? A special commission is supposed to answer this question.

After the serious riots at the Bundesliga game between Eintracht Frankfurt and VfB Stuttgart, a special commission began investigating. The SOKO 2511 is supposed to clarify the incidents on Saturday behind the northwest curve and is investigating, among other things, physical attacks on law enforcement officers, such as the police Frankfurt announced late on Sunday evening.

According to police information, more than 100 people were injured during the operation on the police and law enforcement side alone. “As of today’s investigation, 59 injured members of the security service and 57 injured police officers have been registered by the police. There is currently no confirmed information about injured attackers,” the statement said.

Fans in Frankfurt attack stewards and police officers

According to Eintracht board member Philipp Reschke, there is “various information and different opinions” about the cause of the riots. According to the police, Frankfurt supporters attacked some stewards and rescue workers during an access control to the fan block three quarters of an hour before the game kicked off.

The police officers who were called to help by the security service were massively attacked by the Eintracht fans when they arrived on site. “Among other things, there were a number of targeted throwings of bottles, pyrotechnics and heavy iron bars,” the police report said.

The police corrected their own post on social media on Saturday in the statement. “The indication initially published by the Frankfurt police via the short message service

Eintracht will also deal with the incident. “In the coming days, we will turn over every stone and put together every piece of the mosaic in order to have a precise picture of how these scenes came about,” announced Reschke.


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