Francis Lalanne refuses to wear a mask on the train, an SNCF agent files a complaint

It is not only when traveling by plane that you can experience turbulence. Passengers on a train connecting Marseille and Paris realized this on Sunday, September 5. In one of the cars, the singer and notorious antivax Francis Lalanne refused to wear his mask, as did the woman who accompanied him, according to information from Close confirmed by Le Figaro.

Arrested by a controller, the couple did not agree to cover their nose and mouth. The singer would have even replied with a dispensation from his doctor, indicating that he is not obliged to wear a mask even if health measures require it. Following this discussion, another SNCF agent joined his colleague. After half an hour of exchanges, the couple would have agreed to put on their mask … before removing it once the agents had their backs turned.

“Rude words and virulent gestures”

“Are you going to stop pissing us off?” Stop bothering people with the mask! “, Francis Lalanne would have shouted in the face of the controller, showing himself threatening. On his arrival in Paris, the agent decided to file a complaint. “This filing of complaint follows rude comments and virulent gestures, not directed against the agent but in a very” agitated “attitude”, specified the company to our colleagues of the Figaro.

After having published a column at the beginning of the year in which he called for “putting the State out of harm’s way”, Francis Lalanne had been the subject of an investigation, finally closed, for “provocation to commission against the fundamental interests of the Nation ”. More recently still, the one who was one of the supporters of the “yellow vests” described vaccination as a “crime against Humanity” on Twitter. His account was then suspended.

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