France team: Benzema’s truths about his physical form

Due to muscle fatigue, France striker Karim Benzema has played little with Real Madrid in recent weeks. But before the 2022 World Cup, the former Lyonnais gave a reassuring speech.

Karim Benzema feels better before the World Cup.

26 minutes disputed over the last three weeks. Before this 2022 World Cup, the striker of the French team Karim Benzema lost the rhythm of the competition with repeated absences at Real Madrid.

Without suffering a serious injury, the French international was unable to continue due to muscle fatigue.

Benzema reassures and responds to the controversy

Inevitably, the approach of the World Cup, this situation raises some concerns. Again this Tuesday, Benzema simply ran with his partners in the field for 15 minutes before following an adapted indoor program with a kin. A plan completely planned according to his entourage, who wants to be reassuring. And for his part, the ex-Lyonnais also made an update on his physical condition.

I had small pains, but no tearing or a big wound. I could play, but not 100%. And me, in my game, if I’m not 100%, you can already see it right away. Afterwards, it’s not even a question of risking or not (for the World Cup, editor’s note) because I heard that I didn’t want to risk Madrid to be able to be in the France team. No, I just wasn’t 100%. I was even trying on the eve of the match, but I didn’t have my fluidity so I didn’t feeljustified KB9 for the Chane L’Equipe.

No more embarrassment

Before the Blues’ first match in Qatar against Australia on November 22, Benzema is slowly gaining momentum. And obviously, his feelings are now much better. But here it goes. I just had genes. Alright, I did a good job indoors. Yesterday I ran, I lay down. And not the slightest gene? No, zero. Perfect, he assured with a big smile. Good news for coach Didier Deschamps, who is counting on the Ballon d’Or 2022 to retain this world title.

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