Four Syrian soldiers killed in Israeli airstrike near Damascus

Status: 04/27/2022 09:24 a.m

According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, four soldiers were killed and three others injured in an Israeli attack. The aim of the attack near Damascus is said to have been arms depots for groups with connections to Iran.

According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, four soldiers were killed in an Israeli rocket attack on the suburbs of Damascus. The ministry said three others were injured. Activists, on the other hand, spoke of nine fatalities, including five Syrian soldiers.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Israel attacked, among other things, an ammunition depot and other military positions linked to Iran. The observatory draws its information from a network of local whistleblowers. The information provided by the organization can often hardly be verified by an independent party.

Rockets came from northern Israel

According to the Sana news agency, the rockets were said to have been fired from the northern Israeli city of Tiberias. According to this, most of the missiles were shot down by the Syrian air defenses. The attacks came shortly after the Israeli military reported the crash of an Israeli drone on the Syrian side of the border and launched an investigation into the case.

A spokesman for the Israeli military declined to comment on the reported attack. The Israeli government rarely confirms individual military operations. However, she has repeatedly stated that she does not want to tolerate an expansion of Iranian influence in Syria. Tehran is considered Syria’s most important ally in the region.

Hundreds of attacks since the beginning of the war

Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Israel has conducted hundreds of airstrikes on targets in Syria, targeting government troop positions as well as fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and other Iran-backed forces.

In March, two officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard were killed in an Israeli attack in a suburb of Damascus.

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