four arrests after new urban violence in Tarterêts

Four people were arrested on Monday evening after urban violence in the Tarterêts district of Corbeil-Essonnes for the fifth consecutive night, police said, also counting two minor injuries in their ranks.

Garbage containers were set on fire and two surveillance cameras were destroyed during clashes during which the police fired defensive bullets (LBD), the same source said.

A meeting between the police and the mothers

This violence, which has spread to other towns in Essonne such as Grigny, had not until last night caused any injuries or provoked arrests. The police were particularly targeted by fireworks mortars and the throwing of pétanque balls. Since Thursday and the muscular arrest of a young person during an urban rodeo, the situation has been tense in this sensitive district of Essonne.

The wide dissemination on social networks of a video showing the mother of this young person repelled by a tear gas jet from a police officer as she walked towards her son, who was pinned to the ground, exacerbated the agitation there. The town hall of Corbeil-Essonnes organized a meeting on Monday between mothers from the neighborhood and police officials, but clashes quickly resumed after the meeting.

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