Formula 1: On another level: Verstappen breaks records

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On another level: Verstappen breaks records

Driving on a different level: Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. photo

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How he wins – impressive. In addition to the track, Max Verstappen also makes clear announcements: He no longer speaks to anyone.

Max Verstappen spoke calmly and in a controlled manner, but very firmly. A bit like the way he became the Formula 1 driver with record wins and total points, not just on Sunday in Mexico, but throughout the entire season.

The wild Max Verstappen, who could freak out at the wheel or was proud to have only pushed an opposing driver in his anger and nothing more – this Max Verstappen is pre-world champion history.

And so he reacts to what he considers to be disrespectful treatment, especially by a reporter, with silence this time. “At a certain point it’s enough. That’s why I don’t answer anymore,” said Verstappen.

No driver in Formula 1 has celebrated more victories

It’s about allusions to the controversial World Cup decision in favor of Verstappen and to the detriment of Lewis Hamilton almost a year ago. At that time, Verstappen had seized the opportunity that had been offered to him by a highly controversial decision by the then race director. It was the overtaking maneuver to win the World Championship on the last lap of the last race.

Since then, since that first title, which was also preceded by a toxic duel with Hamilton, Verstappen has always seemed to have everything under control. Calm, sovereign, ahead of the rest. The record number of his victories this year is exceptional testimony to the maturity test. “I never thought I would be able to win 14 races in one year,” said Verstappen after his success at the Mexican Grand Prix.

“Upon stepping out of his vehicle he looked carefree and at ease – as if he had just enjoyed a jaunt down to the sea on a Sunday afternoon. A picture that could sum up his season,” reveled The Guardian in England.

No driver has ever celebrated more victories in Formula 1, no Michael Schumacher – the seven-time world champion managed 13 victories in one year in 2004, like compatriot Sebastian Vettel in 2013. And Hamilton, 103-time Grand Prix winner, has never won like Verstappen in any year of his career. He won multiple eleven times in one season.

“He deserves every praise he gets”

And Hamilton is also loose the points record: with 416, Verstappen two races before the end three more than the twelve-year-old Brit in 2019. And another 60 points are still possible in the two remaining races – in Brazil there will be another sprint in two weeks with eight points for the winner. 26 are up for grabs in the races on Sunday.

“In the end, that’s not what it’s all about,” said Verstappen. “Ultimately it’s about winning a World Cup and it doesn’t matter how many points you do it with.” Nevertheless, the current score only shows how incredible this year is for him and Red Bull. As a team, they had also won the Constructors’ Championship just two weeks after Verstappen’s second Drivers’ Championship. Nevertheless, Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez were whistled at in Austin and accused of cheating.

In the conflict over unauthorized additional spending, the drivers also became a target. In this generally heated atmosphere around the new industry leader, Verstappen also stayed cool in Mexico. Pole, victory – and that with another flawless performance. “To be honest, Max is going to another level,” emphasized team boss Christian Horner. His performance in Mexico demonstrated his maturity and ability to read a race. “He deserves every compliment he gets.”


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