Former US Vice President: Secret documents also found at Pence

Status: 01/24/2023 9:00 p.m

Former Trump Vice Pence also had secret documents at home. His lawyer said it was a small number of documents marked confidential. The papers were handed over to the FBI.

Confidential documents have also been discovered on former US Vice President Mike Pence. The papers were in Pence’s Indiana home, his attorney Greg Jacob told the National Archives in a letter he made available to the AP news agency.

It is apparently a small number of documents with a confidentiality notice. They were accidentally bagged at the end of Pence’s tenure and transported to his home, where they were found last week. They were handed over to the FBI.

Pence is said to have commissioned verification

Jacob assured Pence was unaware that such papers were in his home. The former vice president is willing to work with the National Archives and investigators.

After finding secret documents from US President Joe Biden, Pence consulted legal counsel who was familiar with handling confidential documents. This person was tasked with reviewing records at Pence’s home.

The 63-year-old was Vice President Donald Trump for four years. With a view to the 2024 presidential election, he is considered Trump’s possible competitor among the Republicans. However, he has not yet declared his candidacy.

He assured the AP news agency in August that he had not taken any confidential documents home with him after his term in office ended. “No, not that I know of,” he replied when asked if he had kept any classified information.

Search at Trump

Trump took numerous secret items to his home in Florida and did not release them even at the request of the National Archives. The FBI therefore obtained a search warrant last summer.

In the past few weeks, confidential documents from President Joe Biden’s time as Vice President Barack Obama have surfaced several times in private rooms. The affair puts the Democrats under pressure.

Special investigators are investigating the documents found on Trump and Biden on behalf of the Justice Department.

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