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Status: 03.01.2022 1:20 p.m.

After the Braunschweig Carnival Committee canceled the Schoduvel because of an – alleged – letter from the city, it is now clear: the letter is a forgery. The carnival is canceled anyway.

“The letter is forged, it is not a letter from the city of Braunschweig,” the administration clarified on Monday and announced a criminal complaint against unknown persons. Mayor Thorsten Kornblum (SPD) also distanced himself from the style and linguistic gesture of the letter. Zugmarschall Gerhard Baller from the Braunschweig Carnival Committee canceled the carnival procession and the hall carnival on Sunday. Baller said on Monday that he had the corresponding letter in the mail on New Year’s Eve.

Regardless of misspelling: no schoduvel

“The rejection remains despite the forgery,” said the train marshal. Due to the dynamic pandemic, the further development cannot be foreseen at the moment, the city also said on Monday.


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Because of the corona pandemic, all major carnival parades will be canceled this year. The Schoduvel will only be available digitally in 2021. (02/14/2021) 4 min

Carnivalists disappointed, but hope for 2023

Many fools are disappointed because of the cancellation, Baller described on Sunday to the NDR in Lower Saxony. The first preparations had already started in March of last year. Many new cars have been built or repaired, some are about to be completed. But the work is not in vain, stressed Baller. The carnivalists now focused on preparing the Schoduvel in 2023.

Dammer Carneval and Easter Saturday already canceled

With a length of more than six kilometers and sometimes more than 200,000 spectators on the streets, the Schoduvel is the largest carnival parade in northern Germany. As early as November, the Dammer Carneval in the Vechta district was the first major move in Lower Saxony to be canceled due to the corona pandemic. The Easter Saturday in Osnabrück has also been canceled for the year 2022.

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A group of young women dances at the carnival parade in Osnabrück.  © NDR Photo: Tom Gerhardt

The reason for the cancellation of the entire street carnival in the 2022 session in the city is the corona pandemic. (02.12.2021) more

Visitors at the Carneval in Damme.  © dpa-bildfunk Photo: Friso Gentsch

Once again, one of the largest moves in the north is canceled. It was only five weeks ago that the decision was made to let it take off. (23.11.2021) more

A carnivalist holds his fool's cap in his hand at the opening event of the Braunschweig carnivalists in the old town hall in Braunschweig.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Peter Steffen

The carnival season has started in parts of Lower Saxony. The party is under 2G and with slimmed-down sessions. (11/11/2021) more

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