Foreign Minister Baerbock presents her feminist foreign policy

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock presented 80 pages of her guidelines for a feminist foreign policy in Berlin. It is “not a revolution, but a matter of course”. Is there still excitement? And whether.

“It’s not nonsense!” It has been almost exactly a year since Annalena Baerbock literally threw this sentence at opposition leader Friedrich Merz in the Bundestag. The CDU leader had just mocked her concern for a “feminist foreign policy” again. And when she replied, “It breaks my heart,” he had theatrically touched his heart. So she started talking about the mothers of Srebrenica, about mass rapes, many of which went unpunished because they weren’t considered war crimes at the time, until someone finally took care of them. So no fuss. It was one of the toughest counterattacks that Merz has caught in his political career.

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