Forecast: Winter in April – the new week will also be cold

Winter in April – the new week will also be cold

The spruce trees on the Brocken are covered in snow. A cold weather front brought a lot of snow in the higher elevations. photo

© Matthias Bein/dpa

Flake swirls instead of spring fever: The German Weather Service speaks of a late winter appearance. Lightning ice accidents occur on motorways in Bavaria.

No sign of spring: polar air is in Germany in the coming days for winter in April. After heavy snowfall on Saturday night in the Thuringian Forest and in the western Ore Mountains, with some 20 centimeters of fresh snow, swirling flakes are also expected in other regions, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced in Offenbach. A low called “Annina” is responsible for the winter weather. This is currently over Poland and is bringing cold air to Germany.

Lightning ice accidents in Bavaria

Due to a mass accident following lightning ice, Autobahn 8 south of Munich was completely closed for several hours on Saturday. According to police, there was an accident involving eight vehicles at midday near Bernauer Berg due to weather conditions. Because cars and car parts were thrown into the oncoming lane, the A8 had to be closed in both directions for some time. The highway was completely reopened around 4 p.m. No one was injured in the mass accident, a police spokesman said.

Winter makes a late guest appearance

On Sunday night, meteorologists expect some heavy snowfall, especially from the Sauerland via northern Hesse to the Thuringian Forest; according to the DWD, a thin blanket of snow could also form at low altitudes. Above 400 to 600 meters there is more than 15 centimeters of fresh snow. Sunday will initially bring sleet and sleet showers, especially in the south, and heavy snowfall is likely to begin in the Alps and in the foothills of the Alps in the evening.

“Winter is making another late guest appearance,” said meteorologist Christian Herold. According to the DWD, the weather, which is unusually cold for this time of year, is not expected to change in the coming week. Although the rainfall is decreasing, night frost could occur across Germany. This, in turn, could damage the already well-advanced vegetation, the DWD said. Although a rough trend towards the end of the month shows a gradual warming, there is currently no sign of a stable high with sun and high temperatures.


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