Forecast: Mild weather in Germany – floods expected in the south

Mild weather in Germany – floods expected in the south

Heavy rain and thaws may lead to an increased risk of flooding over the weekend, particularly in the south. (archive image) photo

© Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa

Winter takes a break. Mild temperatures are expected. Rain and condensation can lead to flooding.

Lots of rain and Floods await people in Germany in the coming days. Low pressure areas bring very mild and moist air to Germany, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Saturday in Offenbach. The southerly wind could pick up significantly at the weekend, especially in the west and south.

“The rivers in southern Germany already have high water levels in some cases, rain and condensation can lead to widespread flooding and flooding,” said meteorologist Jacqueline Kernn, according to the statement. “Since the soil is saturated with water, slopes or landslides can also occur in mountainous areas.” The state offices in Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria warned of floods and floods in individual areas on Saturday.

Sunday starts off very cloudy to overcast with occasional rain. According to the DWD, the maximum values ​​are between five degrees in Western Pomerania and twelve degrees in the southern Upper Rhine. Even on Monday the sky will remain overcast with temperatures between 5 and 14 degrees. In the south there may be persistent rain and strong thaws with the risk of flooding.

“Conclusion: Winter is taking a break. Instead of scarves and hats, rubber boots and Friesian mink are popular again,” said Kernn. “Particular caution is required along rivers and streams in the south of the country.”


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