Football World Cup 2022: Penalty drama about Robert Lewandowski Sports

Bitter World Cup start for Robert Lewandowski (34)!

The ex-Bayern star and his Poles start the tournament with a 0-0 draw against Mexico. Lewandowski remains in fourth WM-Game of his career without a hit.

Although he has a huge chance to score the winning goal!

The 54th minute: Lewandowski is pulled and held in the penalty area by Mexico defender Moreno, referee Beath (Australia) decides on a penalty after studying video. Of course, Lewandowski starts himself, shoots in the bottom right – but goalkeeper veteran Guillermo Ochoa (37) saves!

911 drama! You didn’t know that at all from FC Barcelona’s top scorer.

Doubly frustrating: Before and after this scene, Lewandowski hangs in the air for long stretches of the game and can hardly be staged by his teammates. He waves, directs and drives his back line to attack the Mexicans earlier – with moderate success.

In addition, the opening game in “Stadium 974”, the first reusable arena in World Cup history, in which 974 colorful shipping containers were installed, will be an away game for Poland due to the large number of Mexico fans.

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The emotional atmosphere has an effect: Mexico striker Alexis Vega (24) already shed tears during his own national anthem. The noise in Mexican penalty scenes afterwards – deafening.

With the exception of Lewandowski’s penalty situation, the Mexicans also have what’s happening on the pitch firmly under control. Vega (26th), Gallardo (28th) and Martin (64th) missed the best scoring chances. Poland goalkeeper Szczesny saves the Lewandowski team after their penalty mistake but at least one point.


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