Football referee pays damages for whistle too loud

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“Most expensive whistle in Germany”: referee has to pay compensation to football players – because his whistle was “too loud”.

The football referee had to answer to both criminal and civil law (symbolic image)

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The most expensive whistle in Germany: An amateur referee has agreed with a soccer player on compensation for pain and suffering of 2,500 euros. His whistle is said to have left permanent hearing damage.

British amateur footballer Lee Todd is in the history books as the player with probably the fastest red card in the history of football: At a game in 2000, he shouted “Shit, that was loud” at the referee right after the whistle – and was sent off after just two seconds.

The story of a Hessian amateur referee is somewhat reminiscent of this. However, Pierre Hackler can’t laugh at all: he was sued by a player because a whistle that was too loud was said to have caused permanent damage to the footballer’s hearing. The player asked the referee for compensation for pain and suffering in the amount of 5,000 euros, and the process came. Hackler and the plaintiff have now agreed that the referee will pay damages of 2,500 euros, as reported by “Kicker”.

The scene happened almost four years ago at a game between SpVgg Sonnenberg II and DJK 1. SC Klarenthal II in the Kreisliga B Wiesbaden. When a pack was formed, Hackler energetically blew the whistle, the Klarenthaler player, who later filed the lawsuit, stood right next to it. The case was heard in court both under criminal and civil law. The criminal case was dropped two years ago, and Hackler had to do 80 hours of community service.

The civil dispute has now ended with a settlement. “I discussed it with my lawyer, he calculated that it could be expensive if I went further. So I just bit the bullet,” said referee Hackler. After – as he says himself – “Germany’s most expensive whistle” he ended his career as referee.

Hackler, who played the whistle for 25 years, was disappointed by the association. “It would be good if they came and said: We stand by our referees,” he said – instead there was “no reaction”. The amateur referee, on the other hand, gets support from a legend: the former world-class referee and later television expert Urs Meier became aware of the case. “I would like to call him, he should contact me,” said the Swiss in his podcast.

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