Football legend is treated intensively: Pelé’s daughter posts photo – “One more night together”

Status: 12/24/2022 10:20 a.m

The football world is worried about Pele. His cancer is progressing, on Saturday night his daughter posted a meaningful photo on Instagram.

The daughter of Brazil’s soccer idol Pelé has published a photo of the three-time world champion, whose health has deteriorated again in recent days. The picture shows the 82-year-old in bed, holding his daughter Kely Nascimento in his arms. “We carry on here, in battle and in faith. One more night together,” she wrote in her post on Instagram on Saturday night.

The Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo announced on Wednesday that Pele’s cancer was progressing and that he needed more intensive care due to kidney and heart problems. The football legend has been in the hospital since November 29 to adjust chemotherapy for a colon tumor. According to media reports, Pelé’s chemotherapy has recently failed.

Neymar pays tribute to Pele

Brazil soccer star Neymar paid tribute to Pelé in a video that Kely Nascimento posted on Instagram. “As you know, Pelé is part of my story”, said Neymar among other things. The offensive player of Paris Saint Germain announced that he had been nominated by a sponsor to honor Pele with a trophy as a “player in history”. There is only one such player. “King, Our Love and Respect for You”said Neymar.

“Hold on, king!”

“Hold on, king!”, wrote the Brazilian sports newspaper “Lance” when the news broke, and it spoke to the soul of an entire nation. For weeks, the country and the entire football world have been suffering with Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé’s real name.

At the beginning of December, his daughters Kely Nascimento and Flavia Arantes had already received a report from the newspaper “Folha de Sao Paulo” tried to dispel the fact that Pelé no longer responds to chemotherapy and will henceforth be treated palliatively. Palliative medicine is dedicated to the treatment of people with advanced disease whose life expectancy is estimated to be low. The hospital did not address this in its statements.

Team played for Pelé in Qatar

During the World Cup there were constant messages of hope on the Instagram account of “O Rei”, the king. He followed the Brazilian national team from the hospital room and congratulated superstar Neymar on setting his own goal record in the “Selecao”. The team also played for him in Qatar. Players and fans sent their idol get well wishes to faraway Sao Paolo.

In one of his most recent posts to date, Pelé congratulated Lionel Messi’s Argentina national team on winning their third World Cup title and acknowledged the brilliant performance of France’s star striker Kylian Mbappé in last Sunday’s final.

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