Food: These eight ingredients keep you young and fit

In today’s society, everything revolves around self-optimization. You want to be fitter, younger, better than your age actually suggests. But getting older is the most natural thing in the world, says nutritionist Dagmar von Cramm. To stay young and fit, however, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. For example on nutrition. That is why Dagmar von Cramm puts it in her book “Happy Aging – My Quick Recipes for Vitality, Beauty & Balance”, foods and recipes to help protect cells from premature aging, maintain a healthy weight, boost the immune system and feed the little gray cells.

Eight facts about happy aging

1) Current findings on cell aging, the role of hormones and the results of large studies on longevity give us a helping hand.

2) The gut plays an important role in this. The brain has special requirements in order to shine. And without our inner clock and the balance between exercise and relaxation, nothing works.

3) The key lies in the substances that our food contains. The right choice, the perfect mix and gentle preparation decide whether we can benefit from it.

4) The number 1 are the vegetables from the leaf to the root – if possible with the skin – and of course the fruit.

5) Animal protein plays a small, fine role: fish is the star, game is an insider tip and poultry is the classic. Egg and milk products complete the mix.

6) Vegetable protein from cereals, grains, seeds and nuts is the perfect supplement.
New discoveries play the leading role!

7) But the secret heroes are legumes and everything that is conjured up from them — especially from soy.

8) Herbs and spices with their almost magical effect guarantee that the colorful mix is ​​well tolerated.

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