Fondue Set: Five models for fish, meat and vegetables

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These fondue sets contain everything you need to feast

On New Year’s Eve, many households serve a classic fondue

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Whether with fish, meat or vegetables: fondue is not only a tradition in many households on New Year’s Eve. The classic dish is served with melted cheese, but the selected delicacies can also be prepared in broth or hot fat. The only important thing is the right basic equipment.

For the classic fondue you need a fireproof container in which the fat (broth or cheese can also be used) is heated – for this reason the set should also contain a splash guard. To cook your meat, fish or vegetable bites in it, extra long fondue forks are another must-have. If the fat is to be heated with a fuel paste, a safe paste burner should not be missing. Unless they use a device that runs electrically. The whole thing is completed with the matching plates and bowls in which you serve the ingredients and dips. And so that you don’t have to buy everything individually, a fondue set contains the most important basics. We present you a small selection.

Comparison: fondue sets for larger groups

1. Unold Fondue and Raclette Set

If you can’t decide between raclette and fondue on New Year’s Eve, this multifunctional device from unold well served: It combines the characteristics of both dishes and offers enough space for up to eight hungry mouths. The set includes the following basic equipment:

  • Fondue pot (non-stick coated) with lid and splash guard
  • Natural stone plate with fat drain and collection groove
  • 8 raclette pans with heat-insulated handles + slider
  • 8 length-adjustable fondue forks

Another note: the fondue and raclette set is electrically operated.

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2. Gastroback fondue set

According to the manufacturer, this set is suitable for gastroback equally for a cheese, meat, vegetable or chocolate fondue. Thanks to the indicator light and overheating protection, the device provides the necessary safety, but you can still regulate the temperatures yourself (continuously) – and choose between 40 and 190 degrees. This set includes the following components:

  • Fondue pot with lid (1.8 liters, non-stick coated)
  • 8 sauce containers of 60 ml each (made of stainless steel)
  • 8 fondue forks (made of stainless steel)
  • Separate heating base
  • wooden turntable

Another note: All stainless steel parts are dishwasher-safe.

3. Mäser fondue set

The set made of stainless steel measer includes an enamelled fondue pot and matching bowls and plates made of branded porcelain. In contrast to the other devices in this series, however, the manufacturer advises against preparing a chocolate or cheese fondue, as the ingredients could burn on the enamel coating. However, the model should be ideal for meat and fish fondues.

This 28-piece fondue set includes the following parts:

  • Fondue pot with splash guard
  • Rechaud with rotating carousel
  • a paste burner
  • 6 fondue forks
  • 6 fondue spoons
  • 6 bowls
  • 6 fondue plates

Another note: the manufacturer recommends the fuel paste type Mäser 871892.

4. Style’n Cook fondue set

The 28-piece set of Style’n Cook according to (manufacturer) is suitable for all fondue creations: Whether fish, meat, cheese or chocolate – with the integrated 360-degree serving carousel, every guest gets their money’s worth. The scope of delivery includes the following items:

  • Fondue pot including splash guard
  • Stand and paste burner
  • 6 round ceramic plates
  • 6 sauce bowls
  • 6 fondue forks
  • 6 fondue spoons

Another note: According to the manufacturer, the device is also suitable for induction.

5. Ribelli fondue set

The 28-piece fondue set from Ribelli is suitable for up to six people and contains everything you need for a cozy gourmet evening:

  • Fondue pot and splash guard (made of stainless steel)
  • Frame with paste burner (2-way) including extinguishing cap
  • 6 porcelain plates with compartments for different dips
  • 6 bowls incl. holder on rotating cabinet
  • 6 forks and 6 spoons to skewer and enjoy

Another note: According to the manufacturer, all parts are dishwasher-safe.

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