Flu vaccine against all variants: researchers achieve great success

The flu shot needs to be boosted every year — and even then, the vaccine is often poorly matched to the seasonal virus. Experts are therefore working on so-called universal flu vaccines. Two groups are now reporting amazing successes.

Here we go again: The flu is spreading, this year even quite early. From the beginning of November, the number of cases confirmed in the laboratory has increased significantly, as the Robert Koch Institute states in its weekly report. Otherwise, influenza viruses usually only really spread in our country from the turn of the year and then not only cause temporary runny noses and coughs, but can also lead to life-threatening pneumonia, especially in older people and people with health problems. Hardly any virus is as changeable as that of influenza. One of the most important questions for virologists and epidemiologists every year is: Which flu virus exactly is doing the rounds this time?

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