Flight attendant unpacks: These are the most annoying passengers

Watch the video: flight attendant unpacks – these are the most annoying passengers.

Traveling the world for free, seeing new places frequently and taking on a lot of responsibility – many dream of a job as a flight attendant. But flight attendant Sarsha Petterson has now revealed the downside to the Daily Mail. The worst, according to the 20-year-old: Annoying passengers. Here are her top 6 most annoying situations: 1. The diaper problem A surprising number of new parents change their babies’ diapers on the folding tables in the seat, according to Petterson. “You can’t change your baby’s nappies on the table because people eat them and there are also people sitting next to you, which is quite unsanitary,” she told the Daily Mail , worried about waking it up. “It needs to be strapped in. It gets pretty bumpy on the descent and I don’t want it flying through the air and then hitting its head,” the flight attendant said. 3. Demanding the flight go faster The flight takes as long as it takes, and constant complaints to the staff won’t make the plane go any faster, Petterson explains. 4. Taking anger out on staff She further explains to the Daily Mail that unfortunately too many passengers take their anger out on cabin crew. 5. Unrealistic food preferences. According to the flight attendant, many guests have unrealistic wishes for their meals on board. For example, they have extra ingredient requests for their sandwiches, but these are pre-made and pre-packaged. Also, the flight attendants cannot always reheat the warm food due to the lack of a microwave on board. 6. Do not open the sun visor According to Sarsha Petterson, guests who do not want to open their sun visors when landing are particularly annoying. This is a necessary safety measure, explains the flight attendant. Well, did you perhaps recognize yourself in one or the other point? If so, you can do better on the next flight.

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