Fishermen in fire after the adoption of the animal charter banning fishing

They don’t come back. Rennes fishermen discovered that the new charter for the condition of animals adopted by the city had a very unpleasant surprise in store for them. In this voted text unanimously in municipal council on May 15, it is notably planned to prohibit fishing in all the ponds of Apigné, considering that the practice “contributes to water pollution” in this area mined by cyanobacteria. The community has also taken a stand “against mutilating fishing methods” such as the barb (piece of metal attached to the hook) or the bait (where a small live fish is used as bait).

This decision was very badly perceived by the Ille-et-Vilaine fishing federation, which denounced “a formal attack against fishermen and their associative network” denouncing the influence of anti-speciesist associations. In an incisive text, Jérémy Grandière criticizes a decision taken “in an insidious and undebated manner”, considering fishing as “a polluting and harmful activity”. The president of the federation believes that its members “work daily and concretely for the preservation of aquatic environments and species” and are among the “first whistleblowers” in the event of pollution.

In fact, the adoption of this charter should not upset the lives of fishermen, who can still indulge in their leisure in the rivers crossing Rennes, which are managed by the Brittany region. The president of the departmental federation hopes for an upcoming meeting with the mayor Nathalie Appéré.

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