First Advent: Olaf Scholz gets a Christmas tree (video)

Watch the video: “In the mind of the Ukrainians”: Chancellor Scholz gets a Christmas tree.

STORY: Contemplative mood at the Chancellery: During the Advent season, a Christmas tree lights up again in front of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s official residence. On Thursday, the approximately 16 meter high red spruce was handed over to the SPD politician. Especially in the current time it is a nice custom to get together around a Christmas tree, said Scholz: “Many of us are thinking of the citizens of Ukraine, who are only about 1000 kilometers away from us with impressive courage their lives, you Defending the country and their freedom. Here, too, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have found refuge from the war. They are and will always be very welcome.” This year the tree comes from sustainable cultivation in Brandenburg. It was donated by the Association of Forest Owners. To save energy, the Christmas tree in the main courtyard is only lit between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

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