firework mortars in the viewfinder


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France 3 – C.Weill-Reynal, L.Colinet, M.Rappez, O.Pergament

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On the Franco-Belgian border, fireworks mortars are sought by the police. These entertainment objects are diverted during riots.

Not far from the Belgian border, during road checks, the inspection of safes is almost systematic. The police are tasked with intercepting clandestine arrivals of fireworks mortars, a measure that is well accepted by motorists. Designed to be used in a festive setting, the use of firework mortars was diverted during urban riots. Thousands of these dangerous projectiles have been fired at law enforcement or to set fire to buildings.

Prohibition orders in Belgium

Their sale is regulated in France, but more flexible abroad. The Franco-Belgian border is one of the traffic routes. “We had the opportunity to discover mortars, fireworks, but also projectiles likely to be thrown against the police in the case of urban violence“, indicates Vincent Meurisse, police commander. In Tournai (Belgium), a pyrotechnics store was robbed, while others saw their turnover rise. The mayor of the city suspended the sale of fireworks until July 10.

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