firefighters intervene in the middle of a match for a crack at Roazhon Park

The Ligue 1 match between Stade Rennais and FC Lorient was still in progress when firefighters intervened on Sunday afternoon inside Roazhon Park. It was a spectator who gave the alert by reporting that the railing of the Rose stand (formerly Mordelles), where the Roazhon Celtic Kop ultras are based, was moving.

About fifteen firefighters then intervened around 2:30 p.m. The area was closed to the public and firefighters secured the guardrail with straps, according to Codis 35, which assessed the weight of the structure at around 12 tonnes.

“No immediate danger”, according to the firefighters

“There was no immediate danger. It was a protective measure pending a more complete verification in the coming days, ”according to the firefighters. The guardrail “was not at all about to fall”, the Rennes club also specified. “A crack was discovered and as a safety measure, we secured the area,” said the same source.

At the end of the match, Stade Rennais easily beat neighboring Lorient (5-0), thus climbing back to the podium four days before the end of the championship.

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