Fire in Alsace: prosecutors investigate negligent homicide

Status: 08/11/2023 4:56 p.m

The public prosecutor’s office is investigating suspected negligent homicide after a fire in Alsace. It is possible that regulations were not followed. This intensifies the indications of security deficiencies.

After the fire in a holiday home in Alsace that killed eleven, the public prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into suspected negligent homicide and negligent bodily harm. The public prosecutor’s office in Paris said that certain safety regulations may not have been complied with. The cause of the fire must first be determined.

Because of the scope of the investigation and because the victims came from all over France, it is not the local authority that is dealing with the case, but a special unit in Paris.

On Wednesday morning around 6.30 a.m. there was a fire in the holiday accommodation in Wintzenheim, about 50 kilometers from Freiburg. At the time, two groups of people with mild intellectual disabilities were staying in the house. 17 people were able to save themselves, one of them was injured. Eleven people died. According to media reports, ten of the victims came from Lorraine in eastern France, and one victim came from Alsace.

doubt sth safety precautions

French media recently reported that the accommodation in Wintzenheim may not have had sufficient or the right fire alarm. According to the French authorities, establishments that receive guests are themselves responsible for complying with safety rules. This is verified by various controls. Wintzenheim Deputy Mayor Daniel Leroy said the building was still registered for agricultural purposes and should not have received guests.

Investigators are currently assuming that there was a smoldering fire. The accommodation consists partly of half-timbering, it said. The wood probably only really caught fire after a few hours. About 300 square meters out of 500 burned.

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