Finally, AstraZeneca doses will be well administered

Illustration of AstraZeneca vaccine vials. – Manu Fernandez / AP / SIPA

The AstraZeneca vaccine will continue to be distributed and administered in Moselle. This is the last twist in a (short) soap opera that started on Saturday. When the High Authority for Health (HAS) had advised against using it in the department because it is not very effective against the South African variant, which circulates a lot,

Except that the Grand-Est Regional Health Agency announced on Sunday that it was not suspending it. “It is about vaccinating after 12 weeks with a second dose
from Astrazeneca to all people over 55 and with a dose of mRNA vaccine to people under 55, ”she wrote in a statement. This follows the protocol of all the rest of the territory.

Almost 20% vaccinated

With one difference, that of “continuing to favor access to mRNA, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines”, specifies the local ARS. This has been the case since February in the Lorraine region, particularly affected for a time by the South African variant and which had received additional doses. The British variant is now in the majority (58% against 30% of cases), still according to the ARS of the Grand-Est.

As of April 7, nearly 190,000 Mosellans had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Or 18.3% of the population, the best percentage in the region.



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