fifteen investigations opened after mysterious stings in Rennes

The phenomenon of mysterious bites is growing everywhere in France. After Nantes, Grenoble or Lille, psychosis now affects Rennes. Since December, fifteen investigations have been opened in the Breton capital after reports of stings in night bars, discos or concert halls in the Breton capital. The complainants are overwhelmingly women.

According to Philippe Astruc, public prosecutor of Rennes, the fifteen recorded procedures established “a single discomfort, a single presence of a suspicious person at the time of the injection, no attempted robbery or sexual assault afterwards”.

Bites “most often on the upper body”

These bites are “most often on the upper body (back or arms)” while “no biological analysis revealed any suspicious substance”, adds Philippe Astruc, specifying however that there had been no results of all analyses. “To date, no one has therefore been implicated in relation to this phenomenon, which remains without tangible explanation,” notes the prosecutor.

Cases of bites have been reported during concerts at the Printemps de Bourges and recently in nightclubs, notably in Béziers, Grenoble, Périgueux or Nantes. Several cases were also recorded this weekend at the Insolent festival in Lorient.

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