FIFA would also have refused an armband against Islamophobia

The information, revealed this Friday by Sky Newswas communicated to the British media by a Qatari official: FIFA would have refused that several teams representing predominantly Muslim nations wear an armband against Islamophobia during the World Cup, the first organized in a region where Islam is the majority.

Besides the host country, Saudi Arabia and Morocco would have been involved in this initiative. According to Sky News, the object that the captains would have wanted to wear had already been designed, with the message “No place for Islamophobia” accompanied by a Palestinian keffiyeh.

But the body that manages world football has vetoed it, just as it had banned the colorful “One Love” armband against discrimination.

FIFA does not want political messages

She had also threatened with “sporting sanctions” the federations (England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland) wishing to display this symbol of inclusion. France had anticipated by renouncing this initiative before these seven countries.

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