Fees of the candidates in the jungle camp: hammer prize, but with a catch

IBES 2023
Fees of the candidates in the jungle camp: Hammer victory bonus, but with a tough hook

The jungle camp is in its 16th season. Every year, the RTL viewers want to know: How much do the candidates earn? The “Bild” has revealed the complete list of fees, including prize money and penalties.

Update from January 28th: How much money the Candidates in the jungle camp received is well known. Nobody knew the tough gag conditions that the celebrities signed. Now the “Bild” newspaper wants to have had insight into the “secret jungle camp contracts” – these include:

  • Exclusive rights: The candidates may not participate in other shows without prior agreement.
  • Deposit: Candidates must deposit a valid credit card or cash of 2000 euros at the hotel.
  • expenses: After being selected from the jungle camp, the candidates each receive a daily flat rate of 39 euros for the time in the hotel. But breakfast alone in the chic luxury hotel “Versace” should cost 31 euros according to image information.
  • 30,000 euros fine receives the candidate who does the surreptitious advertising or leaves the jungle camp without letting the production know.
  • “I’m a star – get me out of here”: Anyone who says this sentence and leaves voluntarily will receive it third installment of the fee Not.

The jungle king or jungle queen gets that extra

The candidates’ fee is to be paid in four installments. There is 20 percent upon signing the contract. Another 20 percent on January 11, when the candidates compete in the jungle camp. The celebrities get the third rate of 25 percent after returning from Australia. And the last 35 percent after participation and compliance with the exclusive period. Accordingly, the candidates are tied exclusively to RTL two weeks after the jungle camp, for example for interviews.

Those who are finally allowed to put on the jungle crown in the final will receive 100,000 euros. However, the jungle king or jungle queen does not receive the victory bonus immediately! The amount will be transferred in two parts: the first installment should not be paid until March, the second installment even in the summer.

Jungle camp 2023: These stars are still there

Fees in the jungle camp 2023: This candidate cleans up properly, others are fobbed off

First report from January 13: After weeks of speculation, the cat was out of the bag just under a month before the start of the season when “Bild” all jungle camp– Candidates revealed. The broadcaster confirmed the twelve celebrities the very next day. Anyone who thought that the time for speculation was over is wrong. No sooner had all the participants of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (IBES) known, than many asked themselves the question: What fees do celebrities receive for publicly displaying themselves while eating cockroaches?

Fees for the jungle camp 2023: That’s how much money the candidates get

The “Bild” newspaper wants to have received the complete fee list and reveals which candidate gets how much money in the jungle camp. The absolute top earner is therefore Claudia Effenberg. The wife of ex-soccer player Stefan Effenberg should get an unbelievable 500,000 euros. However, it also includes the fee for another RTL project. Effenberg is said to have also committed to unpacking vortices in her marriage and mental problems in the jungle camp. So IBES fans can look forward to some revelations around the campfire.

Only two other candidates should get above the magic threshold of 100,000 euros. Singer Lucas Cordalis (150,000 euros) and actor Martin Semmelrogge with 100,000 euros. Other celebrities, on the other hand, only get a fraction of this sum, according to “Bild”. Here is the complete list:

Ex-candidate assessed the IBES fees in some cases significantly differently

Ex-candidate Julian FM Stoeckel is one who had previously leaned out the window with an estimate. The 35-year-old German entertainer and TV actor was part of the eighth IBES season in 2014. Who earns how much money, who gets the most and who has to settle for less? Compared to the Munich “Abendzeitung”, Stoeckel appreciated the Fees of the celebrities in the jungle camp 2023 as follows.

According to Stoeckel, the “low earners” in the jungle camp include the plump celebrities whose fame is due to their participation in trash formats such as “Temptation Island” or “Love Island”. According to his assessment, Cecilia Asoro, Cosimo Citolo and Gigi Birofio would belong to the group with a Gage Start fee of 20,000 to 40,000 euros.

IBES: Claudia Effenberg with a mega fee?

Stoeckel Model was also one of the absolute top earners Claudia Effenberg, singer Lucas Cordalis and actor Martin Semmelrogge. “I estimate their fees between 80,000 and 150,000 euros a,” said the entertainer of the Munich “Abendzeitung”. That Effenberg should be one of the top earners in the jungle camp was then speculated by the “Bild” – even if her salary should be significantly higher.

While Stoeckel the radio presenter Verena Kerth assumed to be in the middle of the range for fees, there is a clear discrepancy here with the “picture numbers”. According to the report, Kahn-Ex really wanted to go to the jungle camp. Therefore, compared to the other candidates, she only receives a small entry fee: 30 000 euros should be. Ironically, on the outbound flight to Australia, the counter-shock came. In conversations with other candidates, it should have turned out that Kerth the lowest jungle camp fee of the season get.

Regardless, these fees do not come close to the mega fees in the British jungle camp. With Royal Mike Tindal, Ex-Minister Matt Hancock and world star Boy George there was a “top-class” field of candidates. According to media reports, the latter received almost one million euros just for taking part.

Here is the photo gallery: Jungle camp 2023: candidates sorted by fee – who earns how much?

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