Feeling “suffocated”, psychologists demonstrate everywhere in France

Nearly 900 professionals demonstrated this Thursday in Lyon – Konrad K.

“Neither sold out, nor submissive”: several thousand psychologists demonstrated, this Thursday, June 10, in France as part of a one-day strike against “assembly-line work” and the new regulations which would make the profession ever more precarious, according to them.

“It is out of the question to accept like that, what is proposed to us, even imposed”, assures Garance Journeau, clinical psychologist in Paris, brandishing a “You see our anger” attached to an ink stain referring to the Rorschach test, a psychological assessment tool.

Private and public professionals are mobilizing

“Decisions are made without consulting us. It is not an oversight, it is a desire to ignore us. This finding is all the more incomprehensible as the health crisis has highlighted the importance of psychologists, ”explains Annie Perrier-Giraud, union official of the French Federation of Psychologists and Psychology (FFPP) in Aquitaine.

The day of strike at the call of the UFMICT / CGT, FO, Unsa but also many associations, organizations or collectives of psychologists (FPP, SNP, SIUEERPP and #manifestepsy), mobilized professionals from the public and private sectors in nearly twenty French cities.

Sessions that are too short

In the line of sight of the demonstrators, the experiments and devices with “ridiculous rates granted” (22 euros for 30 minutes) and “in inadmissible working conditions”.

“I spend an hour per client and it is sometimes too short. What do you want us to do in 30 minutes? The patient does not have time to open up, to speak, to cry, to come to his senses, ”explains Pauline Bonnet, in his thirties, liberal psychologist in Capbreton (Landes) who made the trip to Bordeaux.

More freedom on tools and prices

Also denouncing this “limited time”, Caroline Fanciullo, co-founder of the Collective #manifestepsy also claims to be able to choose its tools, direct access for patients to psychological care and the right to excess fees, all in order to be able to “work properly”. “We are not opposed in the idea of ​​a reimbursement, far from it, but it must take place under good conditions”, argues Pierre-Fransisco Andriolo, who works for half as a liberal in Saint-Etienne, with sessions billed at 55 euros.
They were 900 in Lyon and 400 in Rennes as well, waving signs such as “And us, who is listening to us?” “,” No, shrinks can’t hear everything “,” Black Freud Day “…



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