Feeling of weightlessness, letting go and total disconnection… We tested the Graviti flotation center

The promise of living an “unforgettable experience”. Direction the center of flotation gravity, located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. The concept: immerse yourself in a soundproof “capsule” to experience sensory isolation and the effect of weightlessness.

A “mixture of adventure and well-being”, summarizes in the preamble Sophie Herbet, co-founder of the establishment. Ready for the big trip? An individual cocoon awaits us. Inside, 30 centimeters of water heated to 35 degrees, filled with Epsom salt. No need to contract the abs to try to float. “The density is four times higher than the Dead Sea”, blows Vianney Blaiteau, the other co-founder of Graviti.

Silence and great emptiness for an hour

The experience is done in Eve’s or Adam’s outfit. Yes, it provides more sensations, guarantee our guests. The subdued bluish light, diffused inside the capsule, invites you to dive into the deep end and close the imposing lid to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. During one hour. Plunged into darkness (you have the option of leaving the light on), stretched out on your back with your arms outstretched, your skull resting on a headrest. Ten minutes of background music to gradually enter the experience. Ten minutes to find the right position. Then complete black. The big void. The silence.

The minutes tick away but inside, there is no longer any notion of time. We float effortlessly. The body, heavy, becomes lighter and lighter. Dissolves slowly. Until you feel nothing. “We fall into a phase of paradoxical sleep which allows us to escape rather than fall asleep deeply”, explains Vianney Blaiteau. “Some will have the impression of floating in space or of being in the womb”, underlines Sophie Herbet. Impossible to really describe where we are. If not to be detached from her body.

Therapeutic benefits

Slowly, the music returns, indicating the end of the experiment. Already ! The desire to stay like this in your bubble is however well anchored. The benefits are already being felt. “This is scientifically proven, it reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep, but also relieves joint, muscle or chronic pain,” says Sophie. The center, which is due to set up in Bordeaux in March, also regularly welcomes people with osteoarthritis or multiple sclerosis.

“In Switzerland, mutuals reimburse flotation sessions. In France, this practice is still relatively confidential even if the market has begun to develop over the past three years”, continues the young woman, specifying that avenues are being studied in order to establish a partnership with health professionals such as osteopaths and physiotherapists as well as sports clubs. “Some high-level athletes, including an Olympic champion, have already come, concludes Vianney. It has been known to help visualize complex movements, prepare for or recover from a competition. “Tennis Novak Djokovic has also become one of the ambassadors of flotation centers, never missing the opportunity to praise the benefits of the practice.

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