Federal Statistical Office: Women are moving into male-dominated jobs

Status: 04/25/2023 12:23 p.m

In some professions that have traditionally been chosen predominantly by men, the proportion of women has increased significantly. And in some areas, according to the Federal Statistical Office, the gender ratio has even reversed.

The preferences of women and men for gender-specific training occupations have partially shifted in recent years. This is shown by data from the Federal Statistical Office.

The proportion of women in training contracts in agriculture rose from twelve to 22 percent between 2011 and 2021. A total of around 900 women signed an apprenticeship contract to become farmers in 2021. According to the information, in 2011 there were still less than half at a good 400.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the proportion of prospective professional drivers at the wheel of trucks also rose from four to eleven percent.

More men in hairdressing craft

In the same period of time, the gender ratio for trainees to become specialists in the hospitality industry has almost reversed: in 2021, the proportion of men in the 1,700 new training contracts was 58 percent (2011: 38 percent). The Wiesbaden authority published corresponding figures on the occasion of the so-called Girls’ and Boys’ Day on April 27th.

The proportion of men in the hairdressing trade has also increased. In 2021, almost 2,100 men signed an apprenticeship contract for the traditionally female-dominated apprenticeship. This increased the share to 32 percent for new contracts. In 2011, there were still eleven percent with around 1,400 men.

A bakery in Speyer relies on attractive working hours and is thus breaking new ground in the trade.

Basically more men in apprenticeships

“It’s nice that things are moving and that more young women and men are making career choices far removed from gender stereotypes,” said Elke Hannack, deputy chairwoman of the German Federation of Trade Unions. “Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement when it comes to career orientation that is free of clichés, because the proportion of women in newly concluded training contracts remains alarmingly low.” This is also bad against the background of the shortage of skilled workers.

The Girls’ or Boys’ Day takes place annually as a one-day taster internship or workshop and is intended to draw attention to careers at an early stage. The project is intended to help expand career opportunities in sectors that are underrepresented by gender.

Basically, according to the information, significantly more men than women complete vocational training in the dual system. Of the almost 466,200 new contracts in 2021, 64 percent were signed by men. In 2011, the proportion was said to be 59 percent.

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