Federal prosecutors are investigating the attack in Paris

As of: December 4th, 2023 2:26 p.m

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the attack in Paris in which a German was killed. The case continues to cause discussions in France. The Interior Minister denounces errors in the psychiatric treatment of the attacker.

After the knife attack in Paris in which a German was killed, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has initiated an investigation. The suspect is being investigated on suspicion of membership in a terrorist organization abroad in conjunction with murder. According to a spokesman, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office’s investigations are running parallel to the investigations in France. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office investigates when Germans are affected by acts of terrorism.

Meanwhile, France’s Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin dismissed police failures. The security forces had done the maximum with regard to the Islamist, who had already been convicted of attack plans, he told the broadcaster BFMTV.

Accusation: failures in psychiatric care

However, there were apparently failures in the psychiatric department, which treated the man, who was identified as a radical Islamist, for mental disorders. The possibility must be created for the police to order potentially dangerous people to be admitted to psychiatric care.

Government spokesman Olivier Véran rejected mistakes in dealing with the perpetrator. “His obligation to undergo treatment for three years was respected,” emphasized Véran. “However, this did not stop him from killing.”

Tourists attacked near the Eiffel Tower

On Saturday evening, according to French investigators, a 26-year-old attacked a small group of Filipino tourists near the Eiffel Tower with a hammer and a knife. When a taxi driver tried to intervene, he shouted “Allah is great.”

A 23-year-old, who has German and Filipino citizenship, died from his injuries. The German embassy in Paris did not provide any further information about him. According to the daily newspaper “Le Parisien”, he is said to have learned his profession as a nurse in the Philippines, in San Fernando, more than 250 kilometers north of Manila. He has been working in a retirement home in Germany since January. He spent his vacation in Paris.

The other two tourists, including the partner of the man killed, were physically uninjured but were in shock. The 26-year-old is in police custody.

Investigations due to terrorist background

According to Interior Minister Darmanin, the attacker said after his arrest that he could no longer bear the deaths of Muslims in both Afghanistan and Palestine. The man believes that France is complicit in Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip.

Anti-terror investigators came across a video in which the suspected perpetrator pledged allegiance to the so-called “Islamic State.” According to media reports, the French-born man with Iranian parents has already been in prison for four years for a planned attack on the Paris business district “La Défense” in 2016.

His mother expressed concern to police at the end of October that her son had become withdrawn. But the authorities saw no way to intervene.

With information from Stefanie Markert, ARD Studio Paris

Stefanie Markert, ARD Paris, tagesschau, December 4th, 2023 8:00 a.m

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