Federal Employment Agency: Tens of thousands of Ukraine refugees find jobs

Status: 11/17/2022 4:33 p.m

Since the beginning of the war, more than 50,000 refugees from Ukraine have found regular work in Germany. This comes from data from the Federal Employment Agency. According to an ifo survey, most of them are overqualified for their jobs.

More than 50,000 war refugees from Ukraine have found regular work since arriving in Germany. According to extrapolated data, 109,000 Ukrainians were employed in August, according to a spokeswoman for the Federal Employment Agency. Of these, around 51,000 have been added since the beginning of the war in February, and 17,000 have also found marginal employment. Many more are currently busy learning German: in October, 96,000 attended integration courses.

“Willingness to work is very high”

As of October 13, 609,000 Ukrainian citizens were registered with the Federal Agency, including 204,000 children. In a non-representative survey conducted by the Munich ifo Institute among almost 1,500 Ukrainians who fled, a fifth said that they had found a job. Over half said they were better qualified than their job required.

“The willingness to work among Ukrainian refugees is very high,” commented ifo researcher Tetyana Panchenko. According to the ifo Institute, the majority of those surveyed want to stay in Germany for the next two years. A good third intend to return to Ukraine.

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