FDP party conference: Lindner defends Scholz in Ukraine policy and attacks Union

FDP party conference
Lindner is behind Scholz and against Union in Ukraine politics

Christian Lindner speaks to the delegates at the FDP party conference via video switch.

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Olaf Scholz has been criticized for his position on arms deliveries to Ukraine. But the FDP sticks to the chancellor. Chairman Christian Lindner made this clear at the federal party conference.

In the debate about arms deliveries to Ukraine, FDP chairman Christian Lindner backed Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and sharply criticized the CDU/CSU. “The Federal Chancellor has the confidence of the FDP and also of its parliamentary group in the German Bundestag,” said the Federal Minister of Finance on Saturday at the FDP party conference in Berlin, to which he was connected digitally from Washington. He is in quarantine there because of a corona infection. According to his own statements, he only has mild symptoms.

But it is also clear: “Ukraine needs military aid and heavy weapons.” The situation demands responsible and serious decisions. General criticism of the Federal Chancellor cannot be a matter for the FDP, said Lindner.

He accused the Union of playing a “dangerous game” because of its intention to submit an application for the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine to the Bundestag in the coming week. “With a current initiative to deliver arms, an attempt is obviously being made to cause difficulties for the governing coalition and thus to destabilize the government as a whole,” criticized Lindner.

Christian Lindner for objectification of the discussion

“To put it bluntly: In times of war in Europe, I have absolutely no sympathy for this form of partisan political maneuvering. We need a government that is able to act and that makes the necessary decisions for our country.”

Lindner spoke out in favor of objectifying the discussion under three premises. First, Germany must act in unison with its allies, second, it must not jeopardize its own defense capability and its alliance obligations, and third, it must not become a party to the war itself.

It also bothers him that the Union faction is also arguing very tactically for the planned 100 billion euro special fund for the Bundeswehr, Lindner said. Union faction leader Friedrich Merz said that the traffic light coalition for the necessary amendment to the Basic Law would not be given any more votes than necessary. “What is that more than pure partisan tactics in a question of this historical dimension?”

“Therefore Ukraine must win this war”

It is a fundamental step, said Lindner. The Union must ask itself whether it is doing justice to its state-political responsibility with this approach. His appeal to the CDU and CSU was “to stop party-political gymnastics on questions of security in the Federal Republic of Germany and on existential questions of the alliance and to assume state-political responsibility”.

The FDP leader said Ukraine had been attacked by Russian President Vladimir Putin for making “value decisions towards Europe” and thereby steering away from Putin’s authoritarian system. “In Ukraine there is also a fight for the values ​​that are important to us,” said Lindner. “Therefore, Ukraine must win this war, and Ukraine will win this war.”

FDP party conference: Lindner supports Scholz and against the Union in Ukraine politics

Lindner warned of the economic consequences of the war. Germany must oppose “stagflation” – a weaker economy with increasing currency devaluation. There is a “risk of impoverishment for many people” and the risk of no longer being able to make a living as before. In addition, confidence in Germany as an investment location is being damaged, and entrepreneurs are less willing to take risks. A stagflation could quickly turn into an even deeper crisis of stability. In addition, there is a risk of hunger in parts of the world.

“It is not the sanctions against Russia that are currently leading to risks in the global economy. It is Putin’s war of aggression that is delaying recovery after the pandemic,” emphasized Lindner.


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