FDP in Saxony-Anhalt agrees coalition agreement

The FDP in Saxony-Anhalt approved the coalition with the CDU and SPD on Friday at a special party conference in Magdeburg.

98 percent of the 102 delegates voted for the coalition agreement. There was only one vote against and one abstention.

Hüskens vigorously promotes coalition agreement with CDU and SPD

At the party congress, Hüskens vigorously promoted the treaty. The CDU and SPD met the liberals “on an equal footing” in the coalition negotiations. Your party pushed through the topics of digitization and de-bureaucratisation in every area. In addition, fair dealings with the independent schools and ministerial access to the important state development plan had been achieved.

“If you’re in 16th place out of 16, it can’t stay that way,” said deputy Marcus Faber. Hüskens had previously called for a new mentality for the country. “We don’t want to sit in a corner fearful,” said the state chairwoman. Member of the state parliament, Johann Hauser, hit a similar line: “We want to do business, not chat.”


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