Faustine will present a program of seduction through dance, “Un flirt & une danse”

A new dating program for France 2. Three months after the end of Love, the channel reveals that it is working on a program to be presented by Faustine Bollaert. Produced by Satifaction, A flirt & a dance will offer to meet singles through a dance. And nothing but a dance. Without the possibility of speaking to each other, the participants will have to choose, after a dance, if they wish to meet again or not.

“They will learn the same choreography adapted to their personality and their history then, it is only on our stage, in public, that they will meet for the first time while dancing”, explains France 2 which sets its program in the post-confinement perspective and thus targets “single people wanting to reconnect with the pleasure of seducing each other” in real life “. “

The show will be filming shortly and no broadcast date for the program has been announced.

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