Father finds 13-month-old baby covered in bruises, mother-in-law arrested

Thighs, face, back… her baby was covered in bruises. It was on his way home from work on Tuesday evening to his apartment in the mirail, in Toulouse, that a father discovered the state of his 13-month-old child whom he had left for the day in the care of his 22-year-old companion. He immediately called the police and asked for an explanation. An altercation broke out after which the 22-year-old mother-in-law fled. But she was quickly caught by the police and taken into custody.

While examinations revealed other traces of previous violence on the boy, and in particular a fracture in the left arm dating back to January, the suspect first denied the facts before the investigators of the family protection brigade. She even accused her companion of the violence, causing her to be placed in police custody.

The suspect admitted to the violence

However, the testimonies collected described him as a rather attentive father. And during a confrontation between the two spouses, the mother-in-law ended up recognizing the abuse, in particular regular pinching.

The young woman, unknown to the police, was placed under judicial control pending the setting of a hearing “at an early date” before the criminal court. The time of the conclusion of the investigation, the baby was entrusted to a home of the Childhood Social Assistance (ASE).

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