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For her: New happiness

Huch, Christmas again, another year over, and the cheeks have slipped a little further down. And then we should also do without the Christmas lights, which until now have always shown the irreversible aging process in a somewhat softer light. Only one thing helps: glitter yourself. There’s a lot of sequin and rhinestone stuff everywhere again now, but baking cookies and wrapping presents makes it feel a little too much like a party that never happens. At this point, as is well known, we have been insisting for years on the so-called Christmas sweater, which has a tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries on the holidays: It should be as colorful as possible and, with its tendency to tastelessness, emphasize the wearer’s ability to irony. And because times are so serious and humor has become such a rarity, this Christmas 2022 it’s especially important not to take yourself seriously at all. Our favorite this year is a pink jumper from Harry Styles’ collection for Gucci. It’s called “Ha Ha Ha”, which we now simply interpret as a nice paraphrase of the traditional “Ho Ho Ho”, or also: Just laugh in the face of all the madness – or at least pretend to be! Luckily the teddy bear here isn’t laughing, but looks just as fierce as we do with our ever deeper frown lines. Alternatively, by the way, a bit of Botox lifts the holiday mood, it even costs less than this sweater.

(Photo: OH)

For him: Old office humor

The ongoing trend towards the ugly Christmas jumper is quite convenient for some men. Finally you can score again with bad taste and at the same time avoid the annoying holiday wardrobe! In this sense, the flat textile joke is fired up seemingly without tiring and is also increasingly being extended to the year, as the proud Aldi and Lidl logo pullovers of recent months suggest. This model is now Microsoft’s current Christmas jumper, on which the company offensively flirts with its proximity to nerds. You can see the legendary stupid paper clip, which in Germany was part of Microsoft Office for years as “Karl Klammer” and was despised within the group as well as on the end devices at home. The mid-90’s and ’00’s really were a bad time for advertising mascots, think Robert T-Online or the Crazy Frog. But of course, in the course of the great longing for harmless times, Karl Klammer appears endearing today and fulfills the desired purpose on a Christmas jumper: shocking retro feelings. You can also imagine the thing very well on Bill Gates, who of course has only ever worn single-colored soft toys from Loro Piana for decades. Just like its Tesla counterpart, the Microsoft sweater sold out almost as soon as it was released. For the lucky ones who were able to get hold of one, a word of advice: A nerd sweater is neither funny nor in any way beautiful for nerds. The gag only works on men who are so attractive and stylish in real life that the sweater cannot harm them.

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